Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Recent Pictures

Kiera smiles more and more every day...
This might be why!
Our friend Chris came into town on business so we had a BBQ at Daniel and Holly's house! It was great to spend time with him since we don't see him too often We will get to see him again in July at his wedding!!!
The kids (and adults) enjoyed sno-cones.
Uncle Steve and Kiera! She really loves her Uncle Steve....but don't tell him that!
Leia with the kids!
Chris and Kiera getting to know each other.
Ernesto and Gabriel swinging! He is a great playdate for Gabriel!


The Schaper Scene said...

I love Gabriel's hair! Cute!

The Malone Family said...

Wow...that smile is adorable. I just love that first picture of Kiera and I can see why she's laughing so much too due to a fun dad.

TammyK said...

I'm wearing my jealous face.

The pictures are great - I can't wait to see everyone!