Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayers please!!!

Please pray for Lauren! Lauren, Steve and Leia's neice, has been battling a brain tumor for almost 2 years and really needs some extra prayers right now and always. Please visit her blog at: for an update. You can also add her dad Gordon Nihei as a friend on facebook and get more regular updates about her condition. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet Special Agent Oso

We have expanded the family! Nope, no babies any time soon, but we have welcomed a new puppy to the family. Back in November Edward was starting to talk about when we get a dog eventually, but I didn't realize that his friend's dog was going to be having puppies and Edward was already planning on getting one. He talked to me, and I said I didn't think I was ready, but here she is! Husbands, such funny creatures. (Why ask when it really doesn't matter?) Anyways, she is here and she is adorable. Yes, we all love her, especially me.

Special Agent Oso was named by Gabriel and we are calling her Oso. She is an American Bulldog and will get to be anywhere between 60 and 100 pounds. Her mom was 95 pounds!
The kids are really having fun with her.
I am pretty sure she bit Kiera just as I was taking this picture.
Gabriel is getting kisses though.
Loving her food!

Taking a nap with Gabriel.

Oso and Uncle Steve are introduced.
Gabriel and Oso are resting again (on our bed).
Oso's first bath. She was not a big fan.

Nice, warm, and cozy after her bath.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


This year we spent Chrismas in California with Edward's family. The kids, myself, and Grandpa Ed headed out on Sunday before Christmas and Edward was able to catch a flight right after work on Wednesday. We had a great holiday with family and friends!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Gabriel's Christmas Music Program

Gabriel had a Christmas music program at his school in December. He was so excited. Gabriel loves music, singing, and dancing so much so this was right up his alley. He was so stinking cute!

Getting ready to start. Addisen is up one row and to the left.
I think this song was called 5 Little Candles

More hand motions.

This was Gabriel giving Grandpa a thumbs up. Too cute.

The whole preschool.

More songs.

Gabriel with his teahers Mrs. Schuldt and Mrs. Peterson. Gabriel loves his teachers. He talks about them often and is always so excited to go to school. We are so thankful that they are so fun and his first experience at school has been so great.

Gabriel and Addisen. You will notice in soon to be posted Christmas pictures that Addisen is wearing the same dress that we picked out for Kiera. Kind of funny.

Auntie and Uncle Steve wouldn't have missed this special night!

Daddy, Kiera, Mommy and Gabriel after the big night.

I have no excuse, Tammy.

Tammy is right! (Comment from Holly's blog) I have not updated in so long, I have forgotten where I last was. Holy cow, in the middle of November. Here are some sample excuses:
  1. I was in CA for a week with no way to update! (Seriously)
  2. I hurt my back on Christmas Day and have had serious pain ever since. Getting better, but no half-marathon in 3 weeks (Doctor's orders)
  3. Back at work already, and life just keeps on moving.

Well, lets start by saying the rest of November was wonderful. We spent Thanksgiving in AZ with my family. I made my first turkey all by myself and it was delicious! My brothers were not here, so that was a bummer, but I did talk to both of them so that was good. :) Edward ended up working a lot Thanksgiving weekend, so the extra money helped with Christmas! Yeah!!

I am currently downloading all of my pics from December, so maybe tomorrow or this weekend I will post something good.

For now, we hope everyone had a happy holiday season and is starting 2010 with a bang!