Sunday, September 27, 2009

Preschool Already?

Sometimes I look at Gabriel, listen to him hold a conversation with someone, and even when we tuck him in at night we can hardly believe our little boy is 3 years old and already in preschool. As I watch video of him when he was born and when we brought him home and I feel like it has all passed so quickly. I catch a glimpse of what I am sure our parents feel now and I begin to understand.

Gabriel eating breakfast at my work. He came to work with me the morning of his "meet the teacher" day.

Gabriel and Addisen discovering all sorts of new toys!

Gabriel in a Home Depot apron and chef's hat preparing lunch for me.

You can tell Gabriel and Addisen love books! They kept inching closer.

Gabriel and I on meet the teacher day.

Gabriel's first day of school! He insisted on waiting in the parking lot for Addisen.

Family picture

Gabriel with his name tag before going in to class the first day.

Bye, Buddy! Have a great day!

And he did. He just loves preschool. His favorite things so far that we can get out of him are story time, songs, and playing outside. I think they play superheros outside because he talks about that a lot. He also talks about saying his prayers and playing with Addisen. Not sure if there are other kids he plays with yet, but their Harvest Festival is in a few weeks and we will get some more pictures with the kids in his class and see what goes on at school!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Ghost of Birthday Past

For those that don't know, my kids love Don! Always have, always will (I'm sure of it!). As a surprise for Don's birthday we made shirts for him! We went will gold (yellow) since ASU was playing, and they turned out pretty cute!
Why do they love him so much? Because he is always playing with them and never turning them away. Thank you, Don!
Edward and Leia probably talking about me pretending to be playing baggo! Ha!

Kiera and her "Godfa"

Auntie playing with Tommy. He is getting so big and even cuter each day. Look at that adorable face!

The kids playing together. I'm pretty sure this is the first time they were actually all playing together with the same toy and having fun.

Kiera is too cute, even with a shirt that is way too big.
Kiera giving some love to Auntie Katie.
Happy Birthday, Don!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching up!

Things have been a bit exhausting lately. turns out I have "walking pneumonia". I am happy to know what has been leading to my complete exhaustion lately, but not enjoying the meds I am on. They make me feel sick, and then I just can't eat. So, I am also currently on a diet. Haha....just kidding! I eat whenever I don't feel sick. Anyways, I tell you all this so you will give me slack on being so far behind!

Here are some things that have gone on the last few weeks:Our bedtime routine consists of the kids each picking out a book, reading to them in Gabriel's room, and then tucking Gabriel in and puting Kiera to bed in her room. Well, lately she has really started picking up on the fact that Gabriel sleeps in this bed she thinks she has the choice to just sleep with him. Well, she tucked herself in (we didn't help her at all) and I took a picture. Then we put her in her own bed. Good news, there wasn't much fuss and she went right to sleep!

Ernesto came to visit a few weeks ago! Edward went golfing in the morning and then headed over to Ernesto's parents' house to hang out. We joined them in the evening and the kids had a blast hanging out with Ernesto. Yes, I often wonder why they like him so much. :) Just kidding, Ernesto. You are a pretty fun guy.

Gabriel got the dog's leash and proceeded to make Ernesto to pretend to be a dog. I didn't have the camera on me when Ernesto was actually crawling around, but you get the idea.

Kiera and her dad hanging out that night.

So, I made this really cool (for my artistic ability) snake for Gabriel when we were playing with playdoh before bed.

He was getting his daddy with it...

then he cut its head off. Nice, Gabriel.

More updates soon including: Don's birthday, Gabriel's first day of preschool, Auntie Leia's birthday, and Uncle Nick's family dinner before heading to the Army!

Friday, September 11, 2009

You are probably wondering.....

You are probably wondering what we are up to these days and why I haven't been posting! Well, a couple of reasons.
  1. Since heading back to work, I have been overly exhausted and am pretty much worn out by the end of the day. No energy for play time, laundry, dishes, etc. Well, this past week I have finally had more energy! Thank goodness! (P.S. I am not pregnant.)
  2. There is a bug going around and Gabriel has caught it. He has had some congestion for a couple of weeks along with a runny nose and caugh. Well, we know he needed some allergy meds so we made an appt for him. Then he caught what has been going around in the family on top of that! So, today he went to the doctor, got a breathing treatment (he did sound better afterwards the doctor said), got his allergy meds and was told the rest was just a bug (we knew that already).
  3. Gabriel also started preschool this week! (pics soon) He really enjoys preschool and is especially enjoying spending time with his buddy Addisen (they go to school together). He is now asking more often to go to Addisen's house. Maybe because they are in a new house full of new adventures! :)
  4. Kiera is finally starting to be the good child we knew was hiding all along. She is becoming a much better listener, doesn't cry a lot, and is throwing far fewer tantrums. Thank goodness. She is seriously getting cuter each day!
  5. Edward has been helping his dad a lot with his new house. I feel like him and Edward hang out more than Edward and I, but we are thankful that the kids get to see their grandpa a ton which they love!

So, I went to start posting the other day and I couldn't find the cord that connects our computer and the camera. Well, the search is on, but until then I will find a way to post some pictures this weekend sometime! I have quite a few posts to catch up on, so be on the lookout!

We hope all is well with friends and family!