Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tommy and Hayden are baptized

On Sunday, Thomas David and Hayden Chase were baptised at Holy Spirit in Tempe. The boys are second cousins, so there was a joint party afterwards at Steve and Leia's house. We had a great time, and the boys were too cute.

Thomas and Hayden's Baptism

Monster Trucks

Edward and Daniel took Gabriel and Addisen to see monster trucks this past weekend. They had a lot of fun and were very excited to come home to tell Holly and I all about it. I think it was good for the Dads to take the older ones for some quality fun!
Edward promised he would take pictures for me. I was so proud of him for that!!!
Fire was mentioned a lot when Gabriel told me about his night.
Hard to see, but there is a monster truck in the air.

This was Gabriel's favorite part of the night according to Edward.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

9 Years Later

Last night Edward and I went to dinner before heading over to Bill and Terri's house to hang out. On the way over I realized that it was our 9 year "dating" anniversary. 9 years ago after Edward and I had been hanging out together with friends and after a couple of dates, we decided to make a go for it. We have had an amazing life together ever since. In 9 years we have been so blessed, mostly by our 2 beautiful children!

Our first official picture together almost 9 years ago and then a picture from last night!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prayers Please

Your prayers are requested. Kieth MacLellan (brother-in-law of Edward's best friend growing up, Bryant) needs your prayers. He was in an accident last Friday that resulted in swelling of the brain. This caused the doctors to have to do immediate surgery to relieve the pressure. This procedure worked and Keith is stable, but not out of the woods yet. He is still heavily sedated and prognosis is still unclear. Please take a moment to catch up on the blog Keith's coworkers started and say an extra little prayer tonight.


Thank you,
Edward and Melynda

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures as promised

Kiera's First Birthday pictures

Kiera's First Birthday

These are only for people that are actually interested in seeing lots of pics of kids and probably more than enough of Kiera, cake, and pinata. So, Laura and Ernesto, you can stop reading now.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kiera's First Birthday

Kiera turned 1 on Friday, April 17th. We can hardly believe she is already a year old. The past year was full of great times and rough times. Kiera was a difficult baby to say the least, but she was also the one who could warm you over in a heartbeat. She loves to cuddle before and after nap times, she really enjoys playing with her friends, and she know exactly which people will give her the love and attention she so dearly craves.

Her first birthday has made me emotional for some reason I can't quite grasp yet. I don't know if it is because I have actually pondered not having more children after her or because I feel like I didn't enjoy her first year as much as I did Gabriel's. I do know that she makes me smile every day and I can't imagine my life with her. She is our world and Edward, Gabriel and I love her more than we can imagine (even on those rough days and still sometimes in the middle of the night.)

Kiera getting ready to head home from the hospital and below reading a book on her first birthday! (Pics from her birthday and party tomorrow)

Friday, April 10, 2009

3 Years Old!

On April 7th Gabriel turned 3 years old! Edward and I can hardly believe that the little baby boy we brought home just 3 years ago is now a little boy. He says the funniest things, gives the best hugs, and is so stinking cute! We had a birthday party for him on Saturday and then on his actual birthday Edward had to work so we went with friends to a bounce place!

Gabriel halping mommy make homemade waffles for breakfast (his favorite)!

Gabriel playing with his new favorite toy his Grandma and Grandpa.

Gabriel opening his present from mom and dad!

Gabriel with his friends!
Makayla, Addisen, Kiera, Gabriel and Abby

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"Steve's Hockey!"

Whenevery Gabriel sees hockey or anything related to hockey, he yells "Steve's Hockey!". He just loves hockey. So, Uncle Steve got some tickets through work and we were headed to the Coyotes vs. Kings game in good old Glendale! The Coyotes won, and we all had a ton of fun! Thanks to Grandma Susan for hanging out with Kiera for us.

Uncle Steve, Gabriel and Auntie

Gabriel insisted on popcorn while watching the game.

Edward and I :)
P.S. I am posting this late because tonight is Edward's first late shift and I am finding it hard to go to sleep without him. I miss him. :( Will post about Gabriel's birthday soon!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Trip to the Past

Last weekend we headed down to Douglas, AZ for my grandfather's 90th birthday party. We left early Friday afternoon and headed down south. We wanted to take Gabriel and Kiera to the mine tour in Bisbee, but we left too late and didn't quite make it. Instead we took a much needed stop in Tombstone. We had lunch in a bar/restaurant which just made me think of the quote from the movie Sweet Home Alabama, "You have a baby.....in a bar".
Edward with Gabriel and Me with Kiera at lunch.

So we walked around, went through a couple of shops and went to a reinactment show. However, when they shot a pepsi can to show that the bullets they use still can do damage, Gabriel freaked out. After the second shot we had to leave. Apparently it was too close for comfort for him. Kiera on the other hand, didn't have a problem at all.
Good thing we got some pictures while waiting for the show because otherwise there wouldn't be any!
We then continued our journey down south to Douglas, AZ. My mom was raised in Douglas, and I spent many great summers and holidays there. I have some great memories, and going back after so long really brought a lot of those back. When we got into town I made Edward drive around. We passed my uncle's diesel shop, their old house, the duplex where we always saw movies, and many other places making sure he didn't drive into Mexico all at the same time. The whole tour of the town took about 25 minutes, but what else were we going to do.
We stayed the night at the only motel in town (besides the Gadsen which is super expensive, I don't know why, and famous for having ghosts), Motel 6. I think I have officially turned into a hotel snob because I was pretty much discusted the whole time being there.
Anyway, the next morning we went to breakfast and then spent the day at my Aunt Judy and Uncle Gary's house. We had lots of yummy food, spent some great time with the extended family, and got to see my grandfather for a short while.
This picture isn't that great, but I didn't take many pictures so these were from my cousin. Here is my grandfather blowing out his candles. (There was a mishap with the cake)
My mom cuts some cake for Gabriel.

Kiera and I are hanging out chit-chatting with everybody.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Learning from the best

Last weekend I was lucky enough to learn how to make Red Chili!!! I was so excited that they were so willing to teach, but then again that is how his family is. We made a huge batch of red chili split it among us and even sent some to Laura in Conneticut! Thank you Katie and Leia for teaching me.

Red Chili

Edward had to work on Sunday, so I was so lucky to have Uncle Steve, Tony, and Don watch over the kids. They are so great with them. I didn't have to worry at all!!! Thank you so much boys, I really, really appreciate it and I know the kids had a great time, too!