Thursday, March 26, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

We spent St. Patrick's Day at the zoo. Edward had to work, so we went with Holly and her kids. We then met up with Kelli and Abby and Kelli's sister and her family, too. The kids had so much fun, just like always!
Gabriel and Addisen in front of the Gazelles. Gabriel is chowing down on kettle corn. It was so yummy, especially since it was green that day.
Kiera loves being outside, and this day was no exception. Holly was making her laugh, too.
I took Gabriel and Addisen up to the lookout to have a peak at giraffes, zebras, ect. Holly stayed down with the babies. I'm not sure who had it easier.
Gabriel and Addisen had to hold on tight because we had the babies on the animals in front of them. They did really well!!

Kiera loves the carousel. She got so excited when we were getting on. She kept wanting down to walk over while we were waiting in line. (Yes, she has been walking for a few weeks and I still haven't posted video. I'm a bad blogger. :( Sorry)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last week we headed to Vegas for a much needed adult trip. We went with Daniel and Holly, and Chris and Tammy were able to meet us there from Reno! Marc was also in town with his family for March Madness, so we got to catch up with him while we were there.
We got to the dam late and nobody was there (awesome because usually it takes a long time to get through) so I tried to snap a picture of the bridge that is under construction. The picture is blurry but Edward and Daniel wouldn't stop because apparently that doesn't look good to the cops. It was pretty amazing (and massive) to see at night.
We ran into Marc before heading to a club for some dancing.
Me lovin' on my hubby!
Me, Tammy, and Holly
Getting our groove on!

Surprise Visitors

So I am a few posts behind, but I am going to try and catch up. A couple of weeks ago Uncle Steve had some visitors surprise him for his birthday! His parents, sister, and two nieces came for a visit! They haven't visited since Lauren was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost a year ago. It was fun to visit with them.
Uncle Steve, Lauren, Gabriel, Marissa, and Auntie plaing in the back yard!
Edward was racing the girls on the swings. I think he won.

We went to the outdoor mall to walk around and the kids enjoyed playing on the playground for quite a while. After going to Build-A-Bear, the kids shared an Italian Ice. They really enjoyed it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday

I had a really nice birthday today! Edward was off, so he got upwith the kids and although I was awake, I got to veg out for a bit before getting my day started. Edward and I enjoyed a nice lunch together, spent a lot of time with the kids, decorated cupcakes (thanks Kelli and Abby) and ate some yummy brownies (thanks Carrie and Kami). Then we enjoyed dinner and fun at Dave and Busters with Steve, Leia, and Katie.
Mmmm.....I like cupcakes!
Me and my birthday buddy Kami!
Leia was so on fire, that her mom actually took her to the casino straight from Dave and Busters! It was so funny!!!
I received so many birthday wishes, so thank you all! I really had a great day! As of 10:15 there are a few specific people I never heard from, so I am a bit bummed! If you are one of those people, shame on you. Yeah, you know who you are. Yep, its you, better start apologizing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kami turns 1!

Our friends Carrie and Tony's daughter, Kami, was born last year on my birthday!!! Saturday we took the kids to her first birthday party! It was a very cute garden theme. Kami was adorable, the kids had fun, and it was great to see some friends we hadn't seen in a while.
Kami and her parents blowing out her first birthday candle! (PS aren't the flower cake and ladybug mini cake adorable? Made by my friend Lauren. I think I might just might enlist her for Gabriel and Kiera's cakes!!)
Kiera enjoyed the jumper.
Gabriel enjoyed the dirt cups and Kami enjoyed sitting on the present we got her.

Edward's Birthday!

This pic is a bit blurry, but it is the only one with all smiling and looking at the camera! After dinner on Daddy's birthday!

We had a nice birthday for Edward last week, and my cheesecake turned out delicious! Edward was a bit surprised when he opened the fridge and saw it, but mostly just excited!!

We continued the celebration of Edward's birthday on Friday night with some dinner, friends, and fun!
Me and Edward
Daniel, Edward, and Bill getting in on the celebrations!

The girls are always ready to party hard!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

29 Today!

Today is Edward's 29th birthday! He is at work today, but tonight we are going to have a nice dinner as a family, and I am going to attempt to make a homemade cheesecake for him (wish me luck, it'll be my first cheesecake that isn't from a box).
We are very lucky to have Edward in our lives. He is the most incredible person I know, and I think the kids would agree with me.

Edward is such a great dad. Here he is with Kiera shortly after she was born.
Just months later, Kiera and Daddy continue to have their moments.
Edward holding Gabriel for the first time shortly after he was born. Edward has been the best dad right from the start!
Gabriel and Daddy having some fun in the snow!
Edward is the best husband I could have ever asked for! Here we are at my sisters wedding.
Edward has always been an incredible son! He loves his parents so much!!!
Happy Birthday, Edward!
We all love you so much!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Make-up Mishap

So, as Edward, Leia, and I were watching American Idol last week, we hadn't really noticed that Gabriel was MIA. Really at almost 3 years old its not like we follow him around. We just assume he is doing something like playing on the computer, playing with toys, or whatever. Well, this night was not the case.

Gabriel walked out from our bedroom with.....well just take a look.

Turns out Gabriel can open my mascara!!!

Zoo fun!

We took another trip to the zoo last weekend. The weather was perfect and we were all ready for a bit of free fun (love having zoo passes!!!).

Kiera just loves the carousel! She was so excited to get on and loved every second of the ride. (Thanks Uncle Tony for the free crousel passes, too! This was by far her favorite part of the day)

Grandpa was in the little lookout with Gabriel pointing out all of the animals.

Gabriel and Edward both enjoyed looking at all of the reptiles. Typically when I take the kids by myself we don't spend any time with our cold-blooded friends.

Kiera took a break from riding so she could walk.

Below, the kids were watching the chimps do lots of fun tricks!