Monday, May 04, 2009

We miss you, San Diego

With Ernesto's birthday being tomorrow, Laura decided to surprise him with a visit to San Diego. Jenn, Don, Leia, and little Tommy decided to meet her there. We were headed to LA to visit Edward's family, so we decided to join them in San Diego for the night. We had a great time seeing Laura (it had been 5 months) and Ernesto (a couple of weeks) since we don't see them too often. The weather was a bit cool, but I just loved it! We had a lot of fun for a short trip and can't wait to go back!

At dinner for Ernesto's birthday: L-R Jenn, Daniel, Holly, Me, Edward, Leia, Laura, Ernesto and The Don

Laura and Ernesto with his yummy birthday dessert!
Playing on the beach at Coronado Island earlier in the day

Edward and I

Edward was teaching Laura some defense tactics and she was trying them out on him.


Tammy said...

This blog makes me miss you guys! And The Ash Family blog (yeah, I read it, okay, so what?) makes me miss my sister. Thanks for all the sadness everyone. (But really happy for everyone else that got to see Laura.)

Laura said...

There is no shame in reading the Ash blog Tammy, good times and a cute baby, who wouldn't want to read it.

The Schaper Scene said...

Although I love living close to the beach here....I definitely miss being an afternoon's drive away from beautiful San Diego....and its beautiful weather. Glad you were able to enjoy your time. By the way...I just noticed your new profile pic....great family pic!