Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Edward's Birthday Pre-party Celebration

Edward celebrated the big 30 last week and it was definitely a time for celebration!

We went to a sushi place called Teharu and enjoyed sushi on a conveyor belt! We were joined by both Edward's mom and dad and my mom and dad. Auntie Katie, Leia, Steve, Don and Tommy came with us as well! (notice all the empty plates stacked high in the picture on the right?)

Edward and I

This is such a cute picture of Kiera and Auntie Leia

So we show Edward his requested cheesecake for dessert. "Mmmmm..." says Gabriel. He decided to join his dad in the blowing out of the candles. Turns out, Gabriel blew them out before Edward even had a chance. I think Edward got the last one. I guess Gabriel is ready for his birthday in less than a month!

Happy 30th Birthday, Edward!!!

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