Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Park

We love going to the park. Gabriel has so much fun with his friends and Kiera just loves being outside.
Gabriel, Abby, and Addisen feeding the ducks!
On the tire swing. Abby is still a little too small to hold on by herself since the chains are so far apart, so she sat on my lap.
No matter how big the park, they all have to do the same thing at the same time!
Typical conversation from the three of them.
Addisen: Mine!
Gabriel: No, mine!
and on and on....
Yes, we still continue to get together because we always know it will be a lot of fun, but we also seem to think it will be peaceful. We have hope for the future.

Gabriel with a moment to himself it appears, but really Addisen comes down right after him and then Abby after her!

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