Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Love Hate Relationship

Where he usually falls asleep!

Many people have been asking how Edward is doing in the academy, so I thought I would share.
Loves his job! Isn't that funny since it is supposed to be so horrible and whatnot. Well, he does, and that makes the rest of us very happy. His day right now pretty much consists of PC (physical conditioning) class, colors (traditional flag stuff), more class, sometimes lunch and then more class. Tests are on Mondays and so far he is doing very well (I think about a 92% average).
I hate being a single mom. It isn't anyone's fault, but I am so over it. I can't wait until Edward comes home to take the kids off of my hands for 5 minutes. Literally that is all he has time for most of the time. The gym has become my favorite babysitter!
Hates getting up way before the sun.
Loves her husband's amazing new body!!! Seriously, he looks awesome!!! (Not that you didn't before, Honey!)
Mostly, the kids and I are trying to be as supportive as possible. We appreciate everyone keeping Edward in their thoughts and prayers. He still has 15 weeks and 2 days left!
Here is some fun video I took the other day!
(Kiera is bouncing and Abby is crying in the backgroud)

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Ernesto said...

Cool: Forcing your children to do exercise.

Not Cool: Centering all your text (it give me a headache).