Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mad Mud Run!!!

In training for our half marathon, Leia decided that we need to do the Mad Mud Run in Scottsdale. Well, we convinced Holly and 2 friends of Leia's and made our team of 5. Our team name was "Hookianda" which was letters from each of our names. However, we discovered this when the 3 of us went to take a picture:
All nice and clean
Leia and Laura before the race (notice no mud). Laura left later that day for her new job in Conneticut. Good luck, Laura!
Here we come after some obstacles and a 4.2 mile run!

I love this picture for a couple of reasons. For one when we entered the mud pit Holly had a plan to take me down. Well, she underestimated me and I won the mud wrestling competition. It is hard to tell but I am pushing her down in the mud in this picture. If you look in the upper right hand corner of the picture Laura (who already finished the race with her team) decides to jump on Leia's back and go for a ride through the mud. Leia flipped her though shortly after.

We were a mess, but we had a ton of fun!!


Bryant & Shannon said...

We did the mud run 2 weeks ago too! Wasn't it a blast?! Your pictures look great...looks like you girls has such a good time.

The Schaper Scene said...

Ha! This brings back memories of the "Mud Bowl" at camp many many years ago! Looks like fun! When are you planning on running the half marathon?

Melynda Hache' said...

We are running the half on January 18th!!