Monday, November 10, 2008


Yes, I am aware that I am the last one to blog about our adventure for Marc and Kristin's wedding, but here it is now!

So, our good friends Marc and Kristin got married on November 1st in Tucson, AZ. Edward and Gabriel were in the wedding, so we made our way down on Halloween for the rehearsal. Edward actually came late because he had to work, but the kids and I made our way down with our hitchhiker Ernesto. :)

Here the kids are practicing their walk. Addisen is the witch, Gabriel is Frankenstein, and Abby is a ladybug.

Gabriel and Kiera, the Giraffe, going treak or treating.

Gabriel and Addisen waiting for their treats!
So worth it!!!

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The Poty's said...

Well, there's half the adventure, I'm still waiting for the video of the kids.