Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday

I had a really nice birthday today! Edward was off, so he got upwith the kids and although I was awake, I got to veg out for a bit before getting my day started. Edward and I enjoyed a nice lunch together, spent a lot of time with the kids, decorated cupcakes (thanks Kelli and Abby) and ate some yummy brownies (thanks Carrie and Kami). Then we enjoyed dinner and fun at Dave and Busters with Steve, Leia, and Katie.
Mmmm.....I like cupcakes!
Me and my birthday buddy Kami!
Leia was so on fire, that her mom actually took her to the casino straight from Dave and Busters! It was so funny!!!
I received so many birthday wishes, so thank you all! I really had a great day! As of 10:15 there are a few specific people I never heard from, so I am a bit bummed! If you are one of those people, shame on you. Yeah, you know who you are. Yep, its you, better start apologizing.

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Leia said...

Unfortuantely the casino was not as liberal with their money as D&B was with their tickets. Oh well but mom did get her "casino" fix for the week. Have fun in Vegas and pull a slot for me!