Monday, March 02, 2009

Make-up Mishap

So, as Edward, Leia, and I were watching American Idol last week, we hadn't really noticed that Gabriel was MIA. Really at almost 3 years old its not like we follow him around. We just assume he is doing something like playing on the computer, playing with toys, or whatever. Well, this night was not the case.

Gabriel walked out from our bedroom with.....well just take a look.

Turns out Gabriel can open my mascara!!!


Leia said...

I must add to the story that when Gabriel came out of the bedroom he was saying "oh no mom, oh no" with his index finger extended because he had gotten some of the mascara on his finger. Oh no indeed.

The Schaper Scene said...

So funny! Somehow (knock on wood)...I have avoided the "make-up mishap" with Kylea so far! *Crossing my fingers!* It's just part of life with a toddler though, huh? :)

The Poty's said...

I love it! As much as you try to make him a boy he seems to find make up, dolls, and purses. I'm impressed he knew just what to do with it.