Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Auntie's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Leia!
Yes, I am aware that Auntie's birthday was over a month ago, but I am almost caught up (not really). My goal is to do a post every other day until I get caught up. Wish me luck with that!

So, Leia's birthday was a lot of fun. She had a "Hand and Foot" tournament, we ate lots of food, and we watched the ASU game! It was a great day, and I am pretty sure she enjoyed it as well. :)
Edward and Leia took the kids on a walk the morning of her birthday
Kiera giving birthday kisses before going down for a nap (Kiera, not Leia)
Getting ready for the first round of cards (Edward and I were randomly picked as partners, and we won!!)
Edward insisted on getting Leia a Snuggie for her birthday. I thought he was being silly....
...nope, he was right. She loved it!
Leia loving her gifts
The one from her hubby. She got tickets to the Patriots game when she went back to visit Laura!

Leia blowing out her candle (I made her cupcake for her birthday)

Leia with the kids (Abby, McKenna, Tommy, Kiera, Addisen and Gabriel)


Laura said...

How are you and Eddie allowed to be partners and Leia and I aren't? Who allowed this?

Leia said...

The Snuggie came complete with book light!