Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Luck and a P.S.

My little (well younger) brother began a new chapter of his life a few weeks ago. He decided that he wasn't ready for college and although he had a stable job, it wasn't getting him anywhere. He decided to join the Army. I took it really hard. It is hard to describe, but when my older brother joined the Army I felt like he was older and ready! My younger brother is old enough and was hopefully ready, but he is my "little" brother. I have always felt like he needed to be taken care of. He has always had a few health issues (he has asthma and he was born without a soft spot, which required surgery on his head when he was just weeks old) and I just still see him as needed someone to look after him. Well, it wasn't my decision (obviously), so Edward told me I just had to support him 100%. Of course I do, and we miss him dearly. He has been gone since the 22nd of September. He has written my parents numerous times. He has been pretty sick (they wouldn't let him take his breathing machine), but he says he is doing okay. He really misses everyone so much. Please keep Nick in your prayers as he still has about 6 weeks to go until he graduates boot camp on Dec. 4th.
Here are a few pictures from before he left:

Kiera and her Uncle Nick

Brittany, Me, Nick and Keri

Nick with some of his nieces and nephews (Tylar, Connor, Kioni, Miaha, Kiera, and Gabriel)


A few weeks ago I came home from a run and Gabriel had my camera. I was sitting down when Parris came over for some much needed attention. Gabriel snapped this picture. I am pretty sure it is the last one we have of her. I wish I would have looked at it before and noticed my eyes were shut. I may have just had him take another. We miss you, Parris!

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