Thursday, April 15, 2010


Easter fun was had this year, like always. We colored Easter eggs at Jenn and Don's house with Tommy and Auntie's help.

Trying to touch...
Let the messiness begin.

Jenn and Thomas

Kiera trying out the bag coloring

Gabriel nice and messy

Nothing like ending the day with some ring around the rosie

Pictures and cookies followed.
Easter Day was spent at my parents' house with my sisters. Here is a picture with all the kids (minus Colby who had fun on Easter, too)

The kids (Edward was working, so he was able to eat with us, but he missed out on most of the fun)

Kiera found her first egg!

Gabriel is getting pretty good at this by now!

"Look, Mommy"

to which Kiera replied right after with "Look, Mommy"

The kids checking out their loot!

Kiera and her Grandpa

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