Sunday, January 16, 2011

New York: Part 1

Grandma Cila with Ed, Susan, Edward and I at our wedding in 2005
Last August Edward's Grandma Cila passed away in New York City. She had been struggling with some health issues and had been in and out of the hospital in Florida (while visiting her daughter) and after nearly losing her life there, she amazingly got better and was able to come home to New York. It was about 6 months later that she passed away in her apartment that she had lived in for nearly 45 years. Edward's dad, Edward, myself and the kids went back to New York for the services.

Grandma Cila had only met the kids once, and it was 2 years prior when Gabriel was 2 and Kiera was just 2 months old. Grandma Cila also came out for our wedding in 2005, but other than that we didn't spend much time with her. She only spoke Spanish, so aside from communicating through Ed every once in a while, we didn't speak too much to her either. I am sad that we didn't know her better, but I am so happy that we saw her in New York a couple years ago when she was healthy and she was able to spend time with the kids. Her and Kiera really bonded!
Us with one of Edward's cousins and his wife
All Hache's - It was a little interesting to meet most of the Hache's. There are a lot of them! Mostly we were just happy to be there for Ed and the rest of the family during that difficult time.

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