Sunday, January 23, 2011

New York Trip: Part 2

Since we were heading to NY for Grandma Cila's funeral, we were able to spend time with family and see some places I have always dreamed of seeing.

We stayed with Ed's sister Damarie, her husband Joe, and her two boys Junior (with Gabriel)and Gianni (with his girlfriend).

Here we are on our way to Ellis Island.

A little tour inside. It was really interesting!

Gabriel and some kids from the past.

Joe was kind enough to let me take this picture. He really enjoyed seeing everything and Gabriel and I enjoyed walking through all the rooms iwth him.

Ellis Island

A picture of New York City from Ellis Island.

On our way to see Ms. Liberty

Us in front of the statue. Notice Gabriel pouting and Kiera was crying. Neither had a solid nap in days. It was not the best day, but I wouldn't have missed it and it was my last day there since I had to return to work.

Ed and his sister Damarie. It had been many years since they had seen eachother and I know they enjoyed it so much.

Since we were in NY/NJ Edward's cousin Laura came to visit (she lives in CT). She came after I had gone home, so I'm not sure where they went exactly, but Edward said it was some science center. Maybe Laura can comment and share with us. ;)

Auntie Laura and Gabriel having some fun.

Kiera in front of some fish.

Laura and the kids.

Thanks, Edward, for taking pictures! I am so proud of you, but there were none of you and Laura! (I know what you are going to say. "It's never good enough." ;))


Tammy said...

Haha, Chris would say "Nothing's ever good enough for you!"

I am so jealous you went to Ellis Island. My great-grandparents came through there, and I found on their website the registry they signed when they arrived. I would love to go!

Laura said...

Eddie is right, it was some science center. All I remeber is they had a big snake that was gross and disgusting and Gabriel walked up to it like it was no big deal. Gross