Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best of friends!!

Gabriel and our friends' Daniel and Holly's daughter, Addisen, are the best of friends! Okay, considering they are 21 months and 18 months respectively, it is really hard to say that, but they get very excited to see each other! They play very well together usually. Sometimes they just enjoy taking or playing with whatever the other has.

On this particular days couple of weeks ago, we were babysitting Addisen and they were supposed to be going to bed. They were instructed to go and say goodnight to Edward in the bedroom. Turns out Edward was separating laundry in the closet, so they got sidetracked and this is how I found them.

Gabriel was showing Addisen how to turn the TV on. He is the expert!

She convinced him to play in lieu of watching TV.

Luckily enough, they were convinced it was time for bed. At least they had worn each other out, so it wasn't too much of a fight. :)

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