Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Snow!!!

Last year we started what we wanted to become a tradition, and so this year we continued with our tradition. We packed the car and headed to Flagstaff with the kids for a day of snow! This year we went with our friends Daniel, Holly, and their daughter Addisen and our other friends Bill and Terri and their daughters Emily and McKenna. We had a great time. None of us slept great at the hotel, so we were all pretty tired the next day, but we did it. We got up, stopped for breakfast at "The Place" and spent 2 1/2 hours in the snow.

Gabriel and Addisen enjoyed going down the hill on the sled over and over again.

Emily enjoyed going down the hill with her mom!

Holly taught Addisen to throw snowballs at her dad, but Daniel turned it back around on Holly. It was pretty cute how quickly Addisen caught on to the fun. She, of course, quickly got Gabriel involved!

McKenna made a snowangel with her dad!

Here is some video of all the fun!


The Schaper Scene said...

How fun!! I really want to take Kylea to the snow this year, but we have to drive a lot further than you did to get to a decent amount of snow around here. Thanks for sharing the pics!

The Malone Family said...

Love the pictures and especially love that you started a blog! PLUS, you are keeping it updated which is even better. The snow looked awesome and I'm totally jealous that you went to Mike and Ronda's! We're going to have to make a trip up there now!