Monday, August 04, 2008

Kiera's Baptism

On July 27th, we Baptized Kiera. Her Godparents are Steve and Leia (Edward's cousin). The Baptism was very nice. Kiera looked adorable and she was very good through the whole thing! AFterwards we had a party of course! She had a great day!
Kiera with her Mommy and Daddy!

Kiera with her Godparents Auntie Leia and Uncle Steve

Kiera and all of her grandparents!

Her awesome cake that someone messed up (but I won't tell the whole world it was Ernesto!) It also says happy birthday to our friend Bill. We decided to steal his day! Thanks, Bill!

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Leia said...

Steve and I look like we've never held a baby before. That or we're just fighting over who gets to hold her. I'd say it was probably the later.