Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy, Busy!

We have all been very busy lately, so I haven't posted, but I thought I should throw something up to tell everyone what we have been up to! Edward and I went to Vegas a couple of weekends ago separately. He with the guys for a bachelor party and me with the girls for fun! We both had a great time!

Edward is finishing up at his current job. He starts the academy on September 22nd! We are so excited and happy for him. He is working out and running every day to be in the best shape possible. Before he starts the academy he is going to be taking 2 weeks off to spend some good quality time with the family. We are headed to CA to visit his family and then we will be home for fours days before he heads to Vegas for one last fun trip!

The kids are great! Here is some video of what they have been up to. Kiera loves her jumper she inherited from her brother. Gabriel is almost fully potty trained. Only a couple of accidents in the last week.

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