Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Times with the Kiddos!

Kiera eats her first bites of "real food". I made her butternut squash since it was one of Gabriel's favorites, and she loved it!!! She wasn't too happy when it was gone.
Sipping her water after her meal and sporting a Raiders bib since it was Sunday! Yes, the Raiders lost.
We discovered this wagon was the perfect size for Kiera and the kids had a blast playing with it!
Brother and sister getting ready to go down the slide.
Kiera playing with her friend Kami! They get really excited when they see eachother! It is really cute to watch them "play".Kiera trying to eat the ribbon.Kiera and Gabriel love bath time! She is always reaching for the toys he is playing with and he "nicely" tells her that they are his. (technically, yes, we haven't bought her any bath toys) Some day, she just won't accept that for an answer. He has no idea. Poor kid. :)

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