Monday, September 15, 2008

Visiting Lauren

Edward and I went to Children's Hospital in LA on our vacation to donate blood to an extended family member (Edward's cousin's husbands neice - does that make sense?). She was diagnosed on April 1st with a brain tumor.

She was in the hospital that day getting chemo so we were able to see them, too. Unfortunetly, I couldn't donate due to my hemoglobin (sp?) level. They recommended more red meat. I'm not so sure about that.

Edward donating blood. They actually let you donate for a particular person if you are the right blood type. I know I match with Lauren (not that it mattered since I couldn't donate), but Edward doesn't know his blood type so when they figure that out then we will know if Lauren will get his blood and they will tell us, too! If not I am sure someone else will appreciate it!

The nurse painting Lauren's nails while she was getting her chemo through IV. Next to her is her sister Marissa.

Us with Lauren. Check out her blog (Lauren Nihei) on my list to read more about Lauren and her progress so far. She is taking everything amazingly well for just being 4 years old!

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Leia said...

Thanks for donating blood Eddie! We just found out today that Lauren is going to get to receive your donation. Steve said if she starts asking for tacos we'll know why.