Monday, January 26, 2009


We did it! A week ago Sunday Leia and I ran our first half-marathon. Our time wasn't that fabulous, we didn't run the whole thing, and it was hard, but we did it. We started out running by Ernesto asking me if I would run with Leia if she started running. I was about 8 months pregnant at the time, so of course I said sure! After I was cleared by my doctor we were off, literally. We don't always keep to our schedule, but we always keep going. Some days we run and others we hit the gym. Here are the results!

So, just imagine for a second what you are looking at. This is at about mile 6.5. We each had to run ahead and turn around as the other jogged ever so slowly to get the perfect picture! Lets just say there were a lot of people laughing at us!

Here we are finishing strong! Both Leia and I had lots of friends and family out there supporting us. We really appreciate the encouragement, the love, and the support. This has been my saving grace with Edward in the academy so I especially want to thank him for supporting my habit! :)


Ernesto said...

Really proud of you guys for sticking with it. You know they have a full rock and roll in San the summer.....2010????

Melynda Hache' said...

I mentioned that to Leia actually. Bill said it was pretty tough because of all the hills, but it sure would be beautiful!

Laura said...

good job guys - sorry I missed it. Hopefully we all get the chance to run in one soon.