Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Thomas David

Edward's cousin Jennifer and her husband, Don, welcomed their first child into the world this week. He is so precious! Today we took the kids over to meet baby Tommy (or T.D. which is what Edward calls him). Kiera was very interested in him. (She loves babies.) Gabriel didn't seem to be too interested, but that is probably because Don was there and he LOVES Don! Don is always such a good sport about playing with Gabriel even though I'm sure he was tired and would have rather been sitting down relaxing!

Gabriel only wanted to take a picture with Tommy if Don was in the picture.


Leia said...

Gabriel has just figured out that Don is a big kid at heart. And they both love candy so what more do I need to say?

Laura said...

I love Kiera ....but she looks like she could eat baby Thomas sitting next to him like that

Leia said...

Doesn't she remind you of that giant baby we would see on the way to CA? Oh Kiki!