Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas, finally.....

Merry Christmas from the Hache's! Okay so we are a bit late and not all of the Christmas cards actually got out. Sorry friends! But, why do you need a Christmas card when you look here every so often! :) Here we are opening our stockings. Kiera's stocking is different obviously because we just got hers this year. Get this, they don't have the year on this one. Gabriel's has the year, so I thought hers would, but no. Stupid Potterybarn.

Gabriel playing with his table. Santa had it all set up for him!
Kiera actually really got into unwrapping her presents. I was really surprised since Gabriel wasn't really for his first Christmas (and technically he was 10 days older).
Grandpa decided to stay with us through Christmas. The kids loved having him around. He gives the best baths and is always willing to play with them no matter what they want to do!! They really miss him!!!

We couldn't get a single picture of all of us facing the camera, but in this picture Kiera started laughing at Gabriel and it made us all laugh. I thought it turned out cute.
P.S. We also went to Auntie and Uncle Steve's house on Christmas morning and my family came over in the afternoon for even more prestents. Let's be honest though, do you really want to see more Christmas pcitures???

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Leia said...

I just want to see the one of Kiera bonding with her new cousin. I'm sure that one deserves a big "awww"