Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun at the Children's Museum

A couple of weeks ago (yes, I am a bit behind) Edward was working and my friend Terri was also playing single mom because her hubby was out of town, so we took the kids to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. A bit on the expensive side, but tons of fun! I just love getting out of the house and doing new things with the kids.

Kiera decorating her name

Gabriel playing at the sand table

Gabriel driving throught he "bike" wash

Kiera playing in "noodle forest" or something like that

Making a pizza together.

Gabriel got all the right equipment to make a stir fry. It was delicious.

Gabriel playing the drums.

We had such a great time, there was so much to do. These are just a few of the activities the kids enjoyed. Hopefully we will go back in a few months and take Daddy and Bill with us!

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