Sunday, September 27, 2009

Preschool Already?

Sometimes I look at Gabriel, listen to him hold a conversation with someone, and even when we tuck him in at night we can hardly believe our little boy is 3 years old and already in preschool. As I watch video of him when he was born and when we brought him home and I feel like it has all passed so quickly. I catch a glimpse of what I am sure our parents feel now and I begin to understand.

Gabriel eating breakfast at my work. He came to work with me the morning of his "meet the teacher" day.

Gabriel and Addisen discovering all sorts of new toys!

Gabriel in a Home Depot apron and chef's hat preparing lunch for me.

You can tell Gabriel and Addisen love books! They kept inching closer.

Gabriel and I on meet the teacher day.

Gabriel's first day of school! He insisted on waiting in the parking lot for Addisen.

Family picture

Gabriel with his name tag before going in to class the first day.

Bye, Buddy! Have a great day!

And he did. He just loves preschool. His favorite things so far that we can get out of him are story time, songs, and playing outside. I think they play superheros outside because he talks about that a lot. He also talks about saying his prayers and playing with Addisen. Not sure if there are other kids he plays with yet, but their Harvest Festival is in a few weeks and we will get some more pictures with the kids in his class and see what goes on at school!


Laura said...

thanks for the updates (plural) I have missed them. Glad to hear all is well with the Hache's

Nona said...

what a lovely blog Melynda! i love seeing how big the kids are. big milestone with Gabriel going to "pre-school". congrats.