Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching up!

Things have been a bit exhausting lately. turns out I have "walking pneumonia". I am happy to know what has been leading to my complete exhaustion lately, but not enjoying the meds I am on. They make me feel sick, and then I just can't eat. So, I am also currently on a diet. Haha....just kidding! I eat whenever I don't feel sick. Anyways, I tell you all this so you will give me slack on being so far behind!

Here are some things that have gone on the last few weeks:Our bedtime routine consists of the kids each picking out a book, reading to them in Gabriel's room, and then tucking Gabriel in and puting Kiera to bed in her room. Well, lately she has really started picking up on the fact that Gabriel sleeps in this bed she thinks she has the choice to just sleep with him. Well, she tucked herself in (we didn't help her at all) and I took a picture. Then we put her in her own bed. Good news, there wasn't much fuss and she went right to sleep!

Ernesto came to visit a few weeks ago! Edward went golfing in the morning and then headed over to Ernesto's parents' house to hang out. We joined them in the evening and the kids had a blast hanging out with Ernesto. Yes, I often wonder why they like him so much. :) Just kidding, Ernesto. You are a pretty fun guy.

Gabriel got the dog's leash and proceeded to make Ernesto to pretend to be a dog. I didn't have the camera on me when Ernesto was actually crawling around, but you get the idea.

Kiera and her dad hanging out that night.

So, I made this really cool (for my artistic ability) snake for Gabriel when we were playing with playdoh before bed.

He was getting his daddy with it...

then he cut its head off. Nice, Gabriel.

More updates soon including: Don's birthday, Gabriel's first day of preschool, Auntie Leia's birthday, and Uncle Nick's family dinner before heading to the Army!

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Don said...

Good updates. Just remember blogging is about the quality, not quantity, so you're still good!