Friday, November 06, 2009

80's Birthday Party

Don, Tommy, Jen, Leia, Katie, Anessa, Me, and Edward posing for pictures
A while back Edward and I were invited to an 80's themed birthday prty for our friend Anessa. She really went all out and we really had a great time dressing up and eating 80's candy! Edward and Don both really liked that part. Anessa insisted that everyone dress up and even bought back up items at the Salvation Army in case people showed without their 80's gear. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Leia getting ready will all of her hairspray

Leia and Steve

Edward and I

The girls posing

Don and Tommy enjoying a red rope (disclaimer - no babies were hurt in the eating of the red rope)

Auntie and Tommy

Happy (belated) Birthday, Anessa!


Laura said...

Steve's "80's outfit" looks like his normal clothes.

Leia said...

That's cuz some of his clothes are really from the 80's.