Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sushi and Pillow Fun

In an attempt to catch up with the blog, I am combining a few things we did over Fall Break.

Edward and his mom took the week of my fall break off in October, so we headed west to CA for almost a whole week. It was a difficult week, but we did have some fun, too!Kiera works on eating her california roll with a chopstick.

Gabriel taking a stab at it as well. He really enjoys eating with chopsticks just like his daddy and grandpa. (Yes Gabriel has really bad scratches on his face from a fall on the sidewalk. Thank goodness he healed nicely and we only look by bad parents through pictures and not in person any more!)

Gabriel took a picture of Edward and I. (By the way all of the pictures happened for pure entertainment, the wait and food took forever so we were trying to keep the kids happy!)
Kiera and GrandpaGabriel and Grandma

Sometimes I wonder how my children end up with bruises, scratches, and who know's what else. Then, I look at the folloing pictures and I realize. Maybe it isn't normal to do outlandish things with your children that may not always be the wisest or safest.

Here Gabriel is being pushed along the wood floor on a pillow by his dad to his grandpa. Okay, pretty fun.

Then, Kiera wants in on it. Okay, we can handle that.

Then they want in on it together. Not the best idea I have ever heard. This one, by the way, did not turn out so well. However, both children had fun and there were no major injuries, this time.

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