Saturday, November 21, 2009

Halloween Fun - lots of pics

Halloween was a ton of fun this year! Gabriel had a festival at school and for Halloween night we enjoyed spending time with friends and family trick-or-treating!

Edward and I with Gabriel. We were both able to help out with his carnival. Thanks Grandpa for watching Kiera for us!

Fishing with his "girlfriend" Hannah

Trying to unlock the door at Mommy's station

Ball and bucket something or other station

Golfing at Daddy's station - Daniel couldn't be there the day of, but he did manage to make the putt-putt golf station! Good job, Daniel!

Gabriel and Kiera with their pumpkins the next day. They really had fun just walking around and pretending they were balls. Thank goodness they were never destroyed!

Attemptimg to get a picture on Halloween before trick-or-treating. It didn't really happen.

Our little dalmation. When given the choice, she chose to be a "dog-dog".

Our superhero Robin. When asked what he wanted to be leading up to Halloween, he kept saying wrapping paper. However we went to buy their costumes and he decided he wanted to be a superhero. He still enjoys putting his costume on!

Going trick or treating

Kiera caught on quickly!

Kiera with her Godparents!

Kami and Tommy took the easy way out! They had fun in the wagon.

Makayla, the duck, also caught on quickly and enjoyed the evening. Too cute!


Leia said...

I would still like to see Gabriel as "wrapping paper". Perhaps for Christmas?

Laura said...

I concur ..."wrapping paper" would have been a much more fun costume