Thursday, February 11, 2010


My sister recently celebrated her 30th birhtday by going to Vegas with her hubb, Mark. So, I volunteered to watch her two younges kiddos for the weekend! We had a lot of fun, and the kids really got to spend quality time together. It is pretty cute to watch Kiera and Keoni since they are only 3 weeks apart.
I promise Keo was having fun! Do you like his pink and blue helmet?

I thought this picture was cute because it captures that love Keo obviously has for Kiera and the amazing hair I have to work with on Kiera every day!

Miaha has always been special to Edward and I since we helped raise her when she was a baby and my sister was living with us. It was kind of nice having her back home with us again.

The kids swinging.

Kiera and Keoni playing oustide.

Yes, I did realize after posting these that there are no pictures of Gabriel. He was there, I promise. He just kept getting missed. Poor kid.

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