Sunday, February 07, 2010

We Are So Proud!

In January, Steve and Leia ran the PF Chang's Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. We all went out to support them and attempt to watch them finish the race. Unfortunelty, we missed Leia (don't know if we didn't see her or actually missed her), but we did get to see Steve finish.
It was quite the day. Emotional for both Leia and I. It was hard for me to see her finish without me (I am still not able to run) and she was so proud of herself for finishing it on her own. I was just as proud of her, too.

The final times indicated that Leia ended up beating Steve by just a couple of minutes. Maybe next year, Steve!

1 comment:

Leia said...

Next year Melynda, next year. Can't wait until you get your "running" feet back!