Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A few weeks ago we enjoyed a quick visit to the scow just a couple of hours away. Although we have taken Gabriel a couple of times, this was a first for Kiera. We had a lot of fun enjoying the snow for a few hours, but it was also nice to head home to the warmer weather when we got cold and wet!

Kiera enjoying the snow for the first time!

Edward sliding down with Gabriel.

Gabriel throwing a snowball at his Nina. Don't worry, she got him back!
Addisen taking Kiera for a ride.

Kiera and Makayla having a stare down. I'm still not sure which one won! It was fun though!!


Leia said...

Kiera looks SO grown up in that first picture. I will have to be sure and go with you guys the next time.

Laura said...

I miss being able to leave the snow when I get sick of it.