Tuesday, July 14, 2009

109th post

Bummer!! For a while I have been waiting for my 100th post. Supposedly there is some 100th blogger post tradition about making a list of 100 things for your readers to learn more about you for your 100th post. Well, that happend a while back and I missed it!! I am really bummed, so here is my 109th post with 109 interesting (or not) tidbits of info about me:

1. I love to laugh
2. until I cry
3. I think my husband is the hottest man on Earth
4. I have two crazy kids
5. Our dog Parris is 7 years old
6. I hate doing laundry, so Edward usually does it
7. I usually do the dishes, because he hates it
8. I was never a confident person until college
9. then I became a little over confident
10. I have been to Hawaii (2) and Alaska (both with Edward)
11. I am not a fan of cheese
12. I love to read
13. I enjoy working out
14. especially running and kickboxing
15. but I somtimes let being tired be an excuse
16. I miss teaching
17. even though I never thought I would
18. I can't sing
19. but I do it often, especially in the car with Edward
20. then he changes the station (hmmm...)
21. not a big fan of water (pool kind)
22. unless it is really hot out and I'm in the mood for it
23. I have started baking more recently
24. and I love it
25. I am not very creative
26. but I wish I was so I could scrapbook cool stuff
27. my kids' baby books are not caught up
28. and probably never will be
29. I mostly vacation in CA
30. but still love it every time
31. have the best girlfriends in the world
32. and can't usually go a few days without talking to them
33. it makes me so happy to see Edward so happy
34. and the kids, too
35. think my wedding day was the most amazing day
36. but the birth of my kids was simply a miracle
37. I am the middle child of 5 kids
38. my siblings think I am the spoiled one,
39. but I don't see it
40. graduated from college in 4 years
41. with a degree in Elementary Education
42. have only worked for charter schools
43. working towards a Masters
44. in Curriculum and Instruction
45. I broke my right ring finger in two places
46. playing football with the guys
47. in San Diego on the beach
48. where we went after graduating HS
49. I bought my first car, a stick shift,
50. while wearing that cast on my right hand
51. have lived in AZ my whole life
52. with no plans to move
53. until maybe retirement, Edward and I decided
54. ran my first half marathon this year
55. and really loved it
56. love Diet Coke,
57. but Diet Dr. Pepper is a close second
58. love desserts,
59. especially cookies
60. My Dad is really my step-dad
61. but I can't imagine him not being my Dad
62. we have the same eyes (weird) and
63. I am good at math just like him :)
64. I love Gabriel's race car room
65. don't really love Kiera's room
66. but am always looking for what we will do next
67. love to plan things
68. but sometimes wish to be more spontaneous
69. would rather shower than take a bath
70. but also love a bubble bath once in a while
71. hurt my back in junior high
72. and still have pain from the cracked vertebrae
73. and the 3 herniated discs in my lower back
74. love my home
75. but I have already found my dream house
76. just waiting for the owners to sell
77. enjoy taking naps on Sat afternoons with my hubby
78. love shopping
79. love pedicures, even though I have ugly feet
80. love being pregnant!
81. can't wait to do it again, but not anytime soon
82. wish I had the dedication to have a rock hard body
83. but Edward loves me the way I am
84. so does it really matter?
85. am so thankful for my family
86. no matter how crazy, funny, weird or silly
87. I wouldn't change them for anything
88. they, too, love me for who I am
89. love Krispy Kreme donuts
90. love Target
91. love Costo, but not as much as my father in law
92. can't wait for another vacation like Rocky Point
93. it was an amazing trip with amazing friends
94. almost miscarried Gabriel when I was 8 weeks pregnant
95. Edward and I were heartbroken when they told us
96. Somehow he "stuck" around
97. We are so thankful
98. Wish Kiera could meet her great-grandmother Eva
99. had a cat named Whiskey for 18 years
100. I cried when we had to put him down
101. love trying new recipes with Leia from the food network
102. even though it takes forever to cook them
103. wish I was more organized, but I'm not
104. hated my hair for most of my life
105. was made fun of because of my hair, skin, ect
106. for a long time....still do sometimes
107. don't know why I still let it bother me
108. I am a better person for it
109. I have learned to love me for who I am or who I can be if I choose to, and I love it!

Well, there it is. My 109th post. Maybe a bit boring for some, but I wanted to do it. I challenge the rest of you bloggers to do the same, but maybe for your 100th post! Have fun with it, I know I did!


Leia said...

So much commentary!!! So little time. Let's just say good thing you missed the 100th blog and went to 109 because I got a shout out on 101! :) Keep up the blogging. PS we'll be in our 50's by the time Ernesto reaches 100.

Kelli said...

Um...I love that I've been there for most of all that jazz you wrote about ;) We DO have amazing girlfriends! Can't wait until I get to my 100th post.

Nicole said...

I really enjoyed this! Thanks.

Tammy said...

What's not to like about cheese?