Monday, July 06, 2009

Enjoying the Fourth Together

We were so lucky to have Edward be off on Saturday with us for the Fourth of July! The city of Tempe does a huge show (that is where we went to see the fireworks) so we thought he would be forced to work overtime, but he wasn't! Yea!

So, we went to Rachel and Anthony's for food, water play, and family! It was a lot of fun and lots of yummy food. Then we went to Tempe to meet up with Bill, Terri, and their girls, Emily and McKenna. It was hot, but we had a good time and the show was really cool.

Here is some video from the day. Having a little fun with the "cannonball". I qoute it because these crazy people don't really have good form. Okay a couple do, but you can decide for yourself. There should be a vote for the best. If you can see who each person is and you think there is a clear best, then I want to hear it. Please post in the comments!

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