Friday, July 03, 2009

Golfing with the Guys

I didn't actually golf, but a couple of weeks ago I went golfing with my hubby! We were watching a golf tournament when I mentioned that I had never seen him golf (aside from the driving range). He immediately got on the phone to try and set up a game with his buddies. Well, some were busy, but Ernesto was coming into town for Father's Day and he was interested. It turned into a game with Edward, Ernesto, Erntesto's dad and his brother. I actually had a lot of fun! Yes, I was shocked, too.
Edward waiting to putt
Not sure if he will like this picture. I don't really know this is a good swing or not.
I think this is called "chipping" or something like that
Waiting for Ernesto to putt.
The lesson of the day is: Actually golfing doesn't take that long. This is what takes so long
1. Waiting for your turn
2. deciding whose turn it is since the balls are so randomly placed throughout the course it is hard to tell sometimes
3. looking for your ball and
4. deciding if you are going to take a drop or go for the shot that will more than likely turn into two more shots and you will decide that you should have just taken the drop

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Chris said...

This might be your best post ever.

No, I don't think Edward will like that photo:

Lesson No. 5: The banter between Ernesto and his dad (mostly from dad to the illogically named gordo) is awesome!