Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to Work

Tomorrow I am headed back to work. I am very excited about this and a bit nervous. I have spent the past 15 months at home with my kids, and although it was tough at times I am really going to miss it. Some thoughts:
  • I am kind of used to being home with Edward for 3 full days each week, this makes me feel a bit spoiled
  • Going back to work is going to be a financial savior in paying off our bills and making some progress towards larger goals
  • The kids get to spend 3 days a week at home with their dad!!! What fun!
  • We are only going to have one full family day since Edward works on Sundays
  • We will continue to each lunch with Edward on Sundays
  • The kids are going to get some awesome quality time with their Grandpa 2 days a week, and that is really special for them
  • I don't think taking a mid day nap will work to well at school, but if I can work it in I will let you know for sure!
  • I need to work! I have learned that I love my kids, but I also love my work.
  • I am so lucky to work for a school that took me back after a year off so willingly and with open arms!
  • The kids also get to spend some time with their Aunt Brittany each Tuesday!
  • I am going to miss my kids, but for our family this will work out beautifully.

I think I am ready to head back, wish me luck!

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Nicole said...

Good luck and it will be great all around.