Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"Steve's Hockey!"

Whenevery Gabriel sees hockey or anything related to hockey, he yells "Steve's Hockey!". He just loves hockey. So, Uncle Steve got some tickets through work and we were headed to the Coyotes vs. Kings game in good old Glendale! The Coyotes won, and we all had a ton of fun! Thanks to Grandma Susan for hanging out with Kiera for us.

Uncle Steve, Gabriel and Auntie

Gabriel insisted on popcorn while watching the game.

Edward and I :)
P.S. I am posting this late because tonight is Edward's first late shift and I am finding it hard to go to sleep without him. I miss him. :( Will post about Gabriel's birthday soon!!

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Nicole said...

I can understand the not being able to sleep with out your man right by your side. The very few times Rodney travels for work, I am up so late and so exhausted in the morning. Just not the same without them!!!