Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Learning from the best

Last weekend I was lucky enough to learn how to make Red Chili!!! I was so excited that they were so willing to teach, but then again that is how his family is. We made a huge batch of red chili split it among us and even sent some to Laura in Conneticut! Thank you Katie and Leia for teaching me.

Red Chili

Edward had to work on Sunday, so I was so lucky to have Uncle Steve, Tony, and Don watch over the kids. They are so great with them. I didn't have to worry at all!!! Thank you so much boys, I really, really appreciate it and I know the kids had a great time, too!


Ernesto said...

Enjoyed some of that famous red chili last night.

So, it's April. Can you please change you background before I have an epileptic seizure?

Melynda Hache' said...

Between you and Laura, there are very high demands for my blog. The reason I haven't changed it is because I have to redo my blog list every time and it takes a while. When I get time, I will get to it!!!

The Schaper Scene said...

Homemade Red Chili!?! We sure could use some of that here in Virginia. We are very deprived here. I think I gain 10 pounds every time I visit Arizona because I have to make up for the lack of good mexican restaurants in Virginia! We finally got an Abuelo's and we have been there 3-4 times since it opened a few months ago.