Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Trip to the Past

Last weekend we headed down to Douglas, AZ for my grandfather's 90th birthday party. We left early Friday afternoon and headed down south. We wanted to take Gabriel and Kiera to the mine tour in Bisbee, but we left too late and didn't quite make it. Instead we took a much needed stop in Tombstone. We had lunch in a bar/restaurant which just made me think of the quote from the movie Sweet Home Alabama, "You have a a bar".
Edward with Gabriel and Me with Kiera at lunch.

So we walked around, went through a couple of shops and went to a reinactment show. However, when they shot a pepsi can to show that the bullets they use still can do damage, Gabriel freaked out. After the second shot we had to leave. Apparently it was too close for comfort for him. Kiera on the other hand, didn't have a problem at all.
Good thing we got some pictures while waiting for the show because otherwise there wouldn't be any!
We then continued our journey down south to Douglas, AZ. My mom was raised in Douglas, and I spent many great summers and holidays there. I have some great memories, and going back after so long really brought a lot of those back. When we got into town I made Edward drive around. We passed my uncle's diesel shop, their old house, the duplex where we always saw movies, and many other places making sure he didn't drive into Mexico all at the same time. The whole tour of the town took about 25 minutes, but what else were we going to do.
We stayed the night at the only motel in town (besides the Gadsen which is super expensive, I don't know why, and famous for having ghosts), Motel 6. I think I have officially turned into a hotel snob because I was pretty much discusted the whole time being there.
Anyway, the next morning we went to breakfast and then spent the day at my Aunt Judy and Uncle Gary's house. We had lots of yummy food, spent some great time with the extended family, and got to see my grandfather for a short while.
This picture isn't that great, but I didn't take many pictures so these were from my cousin. Here is my grandfather blowing out his candles. (There was a mishap with the cake)
My mom cuts some cake for Gabriel.

Kiera and I are hanging out chit-chatting with everybody.

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Nicole said...

How is your mom and dad? I miss you guys. I don't know when I'll be back in AZ, but there is no way I'll be missing my brother's graduation. Yes, it's still another year away but that's about the most definite I can be about when I'll be back. Hey, I left you a comment on my post about quilts too.