Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures as promised

Kiera's First Birthday pictures

Kiera's First Birthday

These are only for people that are actually interested in seeing lots of pics of kids and probably more than enough of Kiera, cake, and pinata. So, Laura and Ernesto, you can stop reading now.


Leia said...

Only 161 pictures! I want more! I want more! PS where is the Godfather?

Steven said...

Really? I was there for 5 hours that day, but apparently not when the camera was working. Geez!

Don said...

I think there were a sufficient number of photos. Perhaps Steve doesn't see himself, because the party didn't take place at a hockey rink! "ZING"

Laura said...

I looked at every single one of those pictures thank you very much. Although it got a little rough during the Pinata play - by -play. Thanks for the shoutout!