Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kiera's First Birthday

Kiera turned 1 on Friday, April 17th. We can hardly believe she is already a year old. The past year was full of great times and rough times. Kiera was a difficult baby to say the least, but she was also the one who could warm you over in a heartbeat. She loves to cuddle before and after nap times, she really enjoys playing with her friends, and she know exactly which people will give her the love and attention she so dearly craves.

Her first birthday has made me emotional for some reason I can't quite grasp yet. I don't know if it is because I have actually pondered not having more children after her or because I feel like I didn't enjoy her first year as much as I did Gabriel's. I do know that she makes me smile every day and I can't imagine my life with her. She is our world and Edward, Gabriel and I love her more than we can imagine (even on those rough days and still sometimes in the middle of the night.)

Kiera getting ready to head home from the hospital and below reading a book on her first birthday! (Pics from her birthday and party tomorrow)

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Steven said...

That kid is so cute!